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We live in an increasingly violent world!  


Being in the middle of a life threatening encounter is the wrong time to discover you don't know what to do.

We are pleased to offer instruction in what is one of the worlds most effective and sought after hand to hand and self defense systems, Krav Maga. It is a unique system in that it is truly reality based. I realize that term is used by a number of systems out there, but how many of these systems can actually say they deal with suicide bombers on a daily basis? Krav Maga was borne out of a need for survival by the people of Israel, a country surrounded by enemies who wish to do them harm.

We have had the good fortune of being exposed to some of the worlds top experts and are honored to be able to share that knowledge. Our training comprises many different facets, some of them are:

Situational Awareness - how to act, what situations to avoid, etc...

Threat De-Escalation - or how to talk yourself out of certain situations

Threat AvoidanceAvoid confrontation whenever possible; the one fight you are guaranteed to win is the one you aren't in.


If all of the above fail, and you have to engage, we use simple/effective, time proven techniques that are sought out all over the world, to help you escape and get home safely.

Krav Maga training focuses on several forms of threats:


Empty Handed Combat - defend yourself against, punches, kicks, chokes, bearhugs, surprise attacks, etc....


Blunt Objects - defend yourself against an a baseball bat, club, or stick wielding attacker.


Edged Weapons -  defend yourself from an attcker with a knife or sharp object.

Firearms - how to disarm an attacker when faced with deadly force.
Ground Fighting - while we emphasize not going to the ground, we still train in how to get up as quickly as possible to avoid being stomped on by multiple attackers.

What are you waiting for?
Take the first step and come see us for a complimentary class.
Classes are held at the Dave and Mary Alper JCC, on Monday and Wednesday evening. 
7-8pm. Building 6. Tell the front desk you're going upstairs to the martial arts room.
Come see if you like what we do.
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